Brussels Sprouts Fun Facts

Brussels Sprouts Fun Facts

Brussels sprouts, affectionately dubbed as tiny cabbages, have captured the hearts of veggie connoisseurs far and wide. When roasted, they transform, revealing a rich nutty flavor that, when kissed with a drizzle of honey, becomes nothing short of a culinary artwork. 

However, as you’ll see, the realm of Brussels sprouts extends way beyond the oven's reach. In fact, there’s a unique twist on this beloved classic. And it’s been reimagined by Foster's. Indeed! We’re talking Pickled Brussels Sprouts - Original from Foster’s Pickled Delights. 

Here’s some fun facts we’ve harvested up to share with you. And we’ll even go a step further because since it’s November, why not pause, reflect, and give thanks for this amazing veggie? Brussels Sprouts in all their wonderous glory. Enjoy with those you love!

Tiny Cabbage. Big History.

First off, did you know that Brussels sprouts are like mini cabbages packed with nutrients? They’re named after Brussels, Belgium, where they were widely cultivated in the 16th century. Despite their European roots, these little green gems have sprouted up in popularity all over the globe!

Stalks a Plenty.

Unlike many other vegetables, Brussels sprouts grow in a unique way. They sprout from a stalk that can grow up to three feet tall, with sprouts maturing from the bottom up. This not only makes for a fascinating plant structure but also means you can sometimes find them sold still on the stalk for ultimate freshness.

A Cold Weather Friend.

Brussels sprouts thrive in cooler climates and actually improve in flavor after a frost. The cold converts their starches into sugars, giving them a sweeter taste, which is why they're often associated with fall and winter feasts.

DNA Delight.

The intricate flavor of Brussels sprouts is partly due to their DNA. They contain a compound that tastes bitter to some people. It’s actually a defense mechanism against predators. This genetic trait means that Brussels sprouts can taste very different from person to person.

Natural & Nutritional Powerhouse.

Despite their small size, Brussels sprouts are giants in the nutrition department. They pack high levels of vitamin C and K, fiber, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids (in the form of alpha-linolenic acid). 

Each serving of Foster's Pickled Brussels Sprouts packs a punch with essential vitamins and minerals. Low in calories, 100% natural, gluten-free, and fat-free make them a dream for  health-conscious snackers.

Culinary Chameleon.

What’s incredible about these tangy treats is their versatility. Jazz up a boring salad. Add a pop of flavor to a hearty pizza. Or just snack on them straight from the jar. And for those who relish a good sauerkraut dish, try subbing in Foster's Pickled Brussels Sprouts for an extra zing. Your hot dogs will thank you!

Perfect Pair.

Wondering what to pair with these vinegary bites? Think of them as your culinary wingman. They go brilliantly with rich meats like pork or duck, offering a sharp contrast that cuts through the fat. 

But don't stop there. Try tossing them with crispy bacon and nuts for an exciting side dish. Or chop them up for a slaw that’s brimming with texture and flavor. And, if you’re bold enough, why not sprinkle some atop your next slice of pizza?

Light Green Brussel SproutsCan't wait to elevate your meals with a pop of pickled perfection?
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Brussels Go Nuts Over You.

With Foster's Pickled Brussels Sprouts, it’s like they say: "Brussels Go Nuts Over You." And for good reason. The combination of nutty, soft insides with a crunchy exterior, preserved in that signature brine, makes these sprouts a standout snack or side dish.

So, whether you're a Brussels sprout skeptic or a fervent fan, Foster's is here to turn the tide. These pickled wonders are not just a jar of veggies; they’re a jar of possibilities. Happy crunching, and remember—when life gives you Brussels, pickle 'em!


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