After trying over 12 different companies’ pickled asparagus — which, along side spiced pickled peaches, are my favorite pickley tastes in the world — I have found my favorite.

Auntie L

The pickling is mild and lets the asparagus taste come through. The dill is not overwhelming, and I love this product. Every asparagus stalk was tender, no tough chewy bits. Low carbs, low calories, what's not to like.

D Frey

I just got my first order of Fosters Pickled Asparagus I’ve had other brands, but Fosters is by far the best. The asparagus is tender and not woody at all and the brine is light enough to let the asparagus flavor come through.


Great flavor to add as a garnish for Bloody Mary’s. I use the Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix in a can, a bit of vodka, a few dashes of Worcestershire, ice and one to three Foster’s Pickled Asparagus stalks (depending upon stalk size). Delightful!

Greg B