Foster’s Announces Launch of Pickled Garlic Q1 2022

Foster’s Announces Launch of Pickled Garlic Q1 2022
Pasco, Washington, January 10, 2022 – Columbia Valley Family Farms, Inc and its brand, Foster’s Pickled Products, known for their well-recognized brand of specialty pickled vegetables, have launched a new product available in the 1st quarter of 2022, to the public. From the kitchen to the summertime grill the launch of Foster’s Pickled Garlic will be fine addition to your pantry.

“With this new product launch, Foster’s Pickled Products has listened to our customer,” Director of Operations, Brent Meador said. “With the increasing awareness of cooking with natural products and strong demand for garlic, we are excited to add Pickled Garlic with red pepper to our family of products. Foster’s Pickled Garlic adds a nice enhancement to any kitchen and with our unique signature taste with a “kick,” it will spice up many meal dishes.”

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