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Columbia Valley Family Farms
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Kevin Filbrun

Kevin takes care of the financial responsibilities for Columbia Valley Family Farms which encompasses Foster’s Pickled Products. He will be the one to talk to when you have questions about invoices or payments. Kevin monitors all areas of our business and ensures that we are on track to meet our annual goals.

Vice-President/Marketing & Sales
Bryan Lynch

Bryan is the guy to contact when you’re ready to stock your store’s shelves with our great products. Bryan regularly communicates with our customers regarding any updates to our products, any new changes in our operations, and works with other media personnel to get the word out about Foster’s and Columbia Valley Family Farms products.

Operations Manager
Ryan Brovont

Ryan is our hands-on guy. When our plants are operating during the harvest season, Ryan is overseeing the plant operations ensuring that every jar is top quality. After harvest, Ryan is verifying our plant is ready to operate and that we have the correct items necessary to package and produce the next season’s crop.

Customer Relations
Sandy Lehrman

Sandy is our go-to gal. She will answer all of your questions or comments on Fosters Pickled Products. She takes care of online orders. She interfaces with distributors, retailers, and customers. You might see her at any food shows or social events.

Accounting and Payroll
Trina Dustin

Trina takes care of the accounting, working with Kevin to make sure all invoices are paid timely. She is responsible for all payroll for the entire farming operation, fresh asparagus packing facility, and processing plant.

IT Manager
Jordan Filbrun

Jordan coordinates the IT in all areas of the farming operations, processing plant, and fresh packing facility. He develops, troubleshoots, and maintains all of the computers and IT that is essential to the operation of the company. He makes sure we are all well-tempered and that no critical information is lost. He is also in charge of the website and social media pages. Contact him for any technical questions.